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Banner Advertising on WBM


Probably the most affordable Banner Advertising package on the Internet – more days, more impressions and less cost per clickthrough than all the Social Networks.

How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost in 2020?

And the majority of our Sales generated website traffic runs their own company!


Product description

Winning Business Mentoring offers the most affordable form of banner advertising on the web when compared with the major players, in all forms – per day, per impression or per clickthrough. We also have a very affluent purchasing audience on our website; in fact, as well as our normal Google traffic, every single person our Sales Team invite to look at our website is a business director with their own company.

With our banner advertising, for each £10 spent will display your banner for 14 days, 30 clickthroughs.

– more days than all Social Networks. Typically advertisers charge $1+ per day to display your advertisement. For your £10 we will display your ad for a full 28 days, or until your impressions and clickthroughs limits are achieved.

– more clickthroughs than the cheapest Social Network to advertise upon, Twitter ($0.38 per click). When compared with LinkedIn ($5.26 per click) with a high calibre audience, our 30 clicks for £10 are the bargain of the century!

– more impressions too. Twitter again is the most affordable after us with a cost of $6.46 per 1000 impressions and Pinterest being the most expensive at a cost of $30 per 1000 impressions. We give you 2000 impressions for your £10!


Banner Advertising

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